Promoting Methods

  1. Add our banner or text link to your website, blog, e-mail signature, and more.
  2. Share / Promote us on social media sites to influence friends and followers by recommending our site to them.
  3. Invite friends, friends of your friends to visit and register
  4. Write blogs on popular sites to promote it.
  5. Create friend circles on some social networking sites to promote it.
  6. Create groups on facebook, reddit etc to promote it.
  7. Use business cards, flyers to promote it when joining social activities. Leave your flyers at local coffee shops and libraries. Be creative!
  8. Submit it to search engines.
  9. Advertise our site on Google or Yahoo. This proves to be cost-effective and mutually beneficial.
  10. Upload videos for our site on Youtube or other video sites.
  11. Advertise it on local radio stations, TV, magazines, newspapers, etc.
  12. Join local dating Meetup groups.