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  • Add our banner or text link to your website, blog, e-mail signature, and more.
  • Share / Promote us on social media sites to influence friends and followers by recommending our site to them.
  • Invite friends, friends of your friends to visit and register
  • Write blogs on popular sites to promote it.
  • Create friend circles on some social networking sites to promote it.
  • Create groups on facebook, reddit etc to promote it.
  • Use business cards, flyers to promote it when joining social activities. Leave your flyers at local coffee shops and libraries. Be creative!
  • Submit it to search engines.
  • Advertise our site on Google or Yahoo. This proves to be cost-effective and mutually beneficial.
  • Upload videos for our site on Youtube or other video sites.
  • Advertise it on local radio stations, TV, magazines, newspapers, etc.
  • Join local dating Meetup groups.