How to Change your DNS / Nameservers at Dotster
Step 1:
When you first login, you'll see this screen:
On this screen, you'll want to click on the 'Domains' menu, highlighted in the red square.
Step 1
Step 2:
Here is the Domain Manager screen:
Click on the domain you wish to edit, shown here as 'DOMAIN'.
Step 2
Step 3:
Once clicked, you'll notice several new menus open to you.
From here, click on the highlighted in red button, 'DNS'.
Once you do, in the fields below is where you'll want to enter your name server, both 1 and 2.
After entering in the names of the servers,click 'Modify'.
Step 3
Step 4:
Here highlighted in red is the message you should recieve letting you know that the system has updated your DNS servers.
Step 4